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★ Ultimate All In One Life Planner Notion Template ★

Start planning your life with the ultimate notion life planner. This All in One Notion template was designed to be easy to use and navigate, it has plenty of opportunities to be customized to your own needs and aesthetics. Become more productive, set life goals, track your finances, plan trips, events, projects, meals, prepare for exams and track goal progress with this premium notion life planner template!

What’s Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool, project management tool to maintain your life productively. It is a single space where you can think, write, and plan. Write down your thoughts, manage projects, finances and plan your life ahead.

What’s Included:

★ Lifestyle:

• Day Planner
• Week Planner
• Month Planner
• Year Planner
• Birthdays
• Contacts
• Trip Planner
• Outfit Planner
• Event Planner
• Cleaning
• Dream Tracker
• Bucket List

★ Health & Fitness:

• Fitness Plan
• Running Log
• Body Tracker
• Workout Library
• Measurements
• Meal Planner
• Mindful Eating
• Supplement Log
• Recipes
• Grocery List
• Ingredients

★ Wellness:

• Gratitude Journal
• Positive Thinking
• Challenge
• Weekly Review
• Reading Journal
• 30 Day Reading Challenge
• Watch List

★ Productivity:

• Vision Board
• Project Planner
• To-Do List
• Focus Goal
• Pomodoro Tracker
• Decision List
• Brain Dump
• Study Planner

★ Finances:

• Income & Expenses
• Savings Tracker
• Bill Tracker
• Debt Tracker
• Online Shopping
• Subscriptions
• Holiday Shopping
• Finance Overview
• Weekly Expenses
• Wishlist


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