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This NotionArchitect Notion Template has all the tools you need to organize everything you can think of! Stay on top of your tasks, finances, fitness, meals, goals, habits and more!


– Unlike other Notion templates available on Etsy, my template utilizes the more powerful tools on Notion. For example, instead of having to delete the notes in your weekly planner in order to organize a new week, there is a button you can click to create a whole new weekly planner, as well as an Archives folder for you to drag your old weeks into. This is the same for your monthly and yearly planners as well!
– The Finances database is synced with all of your other planners, so any changes you make to your Expenses table is reflected in all the other pages. However, you can still change the way you view these tables without changing the others, so there is room for extra customization!
– And more!

This Template Includes:
– Overviews (daily, weekly, monthly)
– Master Schedule/Calendar
– Finances (bills/budget/savings tracker)
– Meal Planner
– Recipe Book
– Grocery List
– Fitness Logs & Schedules
– Reading List
– TV/Movie List
– Daily To-Do List
– Weekly To-Do List
– Habit Tracker
– Morning/Night routine (skincare recommendations included!)
– Dream Journal
– Daily Journal
– Music/Playlist Page
– Logins
– Extra Resources for Customization


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