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→ Gain access to your tabs quickly through the Quick Access Toolbar, flag all your important announcements and concerns through the Bulletin and see the status of all your projects at a glance. Included Pivot Charts for dynamic updating.

→ Aside from the Dashboard, this also shows the status of your projects immediately. The difference is that it is more detailed but still in a concise way as it shows the tabular status and details of your projects. It is best used if you need to present your projects on a more regular basis.

→ The heart of your Template. This shows the timeline of each projects, who they are assigned to, the Start and End Date, Project Duration, Days Complete, Days Left, and %Accomplished. The best thing is, you only need to input very few data – just the Project Name, Assigned To, Start and End Date column and everything will automatically be computed and updated.

→ See your day to day activities and monitor your tasks more effectively. This tool can be used to record every time you’ve spent on one activity. It automatically computes for you to see how you’ve spent your whole day. No more wondering again where did that time go! In addition, it also features the very first digital Kanban Board in an accessible-for-all program. You can update this within your team or use it as your own tracker. This is great as you have a visual representation of your workflow and you will immediately see which tasks are lagging behind.

→ Yes, now you can also utilize your Excel for use in digital planners! No need to worry if you don’t have iPads, or if you can’t subscribe to digital planner apps. This will work in any desktop or mobile! The first out of the two weekly planners in your Template features a sticker type of design. A drag and drop mechanism to block off your schedules and detail it the same time. This weekly spread ensures that you see all your activities at a glance. You can even change the way your stickers look with the built-in stickers for your use.

→ We have kept all your needs in mind when developing this Template. That’s why if you’re not comfortable in the drag and drop mechanism via the stickers, you can still have your weekly planning through the traditional method of using the cells to block off your schedule.

→ Plot your schedule for the whole month, Google Calendar style!

→ Simple but powerful tool that keeps all your project notes in one place.

→ Pre-built stickers for your use throughout your Template. Its simple design focuses on the functionality while using. Just drag and drop and your reminders are already set!

→ For personal use only, you are not allowed to distribute or sell the file under your own. If you know someone who is interested in our product, we would greatly appreciate it if you would direct them to our shop.


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